‘Don’t step on the skink’: returning to CFB Shilo

Posted on April 24, 2012


Daniella after a very dusty ride in the MSVS

“Anything inside the red lines is a danger area.”

But everything is inside the red lines. CFB Shilo is mapped out in front of me while sitting in the mess tent. After having a welcoming dinner of steak, potatoes, and vegetables, I’m  getting debriefed on the environmental dangers of the base. I find out what’s worse than stepping on old dud ammunition, is stepping on an endangered prairie skink.

That was taken from an article I wrote about my first impressions of being at CFB Shilo as an embedded journalist, exactly one year ago. If you’ve read my story, you’ll know I wasn’t scared off that easily – and no, I never stepped on a skink.

This year I’m returning to CFB Shilo for EX BISON WARRIOR as an embed and mentoring journalist to a new crop of first years. The group will be smaller, but the challenge is the same: go out in the field and get stories.

Thinking back to EX WESTERN DEFENDER last year and where the experience has led me, I’m surprised that I’m excited about the lack-of-sleep and steady diet of rations. What helps? The great team I always have when working with the military.

On last year’s trip I not only learned a lot about my colleagues – and even saved one’s wet shoes with a maxi pad – but I also learned a lot about myself.

Like the fact that eating rations doesn’t bother me (my favourite is Hawaiian chicken) and I’m totally able to fall asleep in a C-Can, standing up, because there are rodent droppings covering the floor. Yes, I still had a good time, as you can tell by  my tired wind-burned face in the video below. Note: my name is not Donna Ponicelli.

Until then, I never really understood the business of army, and I probably never will, but sharing the stories of the people in our Canadian Forces has certainly allowed me a better perspective.  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone out in the field soon, and can’t wait to hear the first impressions from this year’s group.

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