Newsletter: The Brigade

One large part of the work I’ve been doing with 38 Canadian Brigade Group is laying out its quarterly PDF newsletter,The Brigade, going out to soldiers in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and parts of Ontario.

When it was entrusted to me, the newsletter was a paper copy publication with limited reach – soldiers would have to physically pick up a copy. We made the move to an e-mail list PDF newsletter so that a few key changes could be made:

Sleek design: a new modern and sexy look to bring the military into the 21st century

Further Reach: more soldiers and employees in the Department of National Defence can access the newsletter, at a lesser cost.

More Content: the new Brigade is jam-packed with articles and colour photos – some pages are dedicated solely to the great imagery captured by military photojournalists.

I’m proud of how the publication has been received not only by the 38 Canadian Brigade Group Public Affairs Office, but also soldiers and high-ranking officials who have commented on the work.

If you would like to be emailed a copy of The Brigade, email with your details.

The Brigade: March

In this issue: Arctic Ram, Fort Garry Horse 100, Parcel Push, Winter Warfare, Soldier of the Year, Ex Paladin Response and more.

My articles:

Riding on sleds with soldiers – Ten days of riding on sleds with the ARCG leads to some interesting road stories. Pg 7

Signallers push further in the Arctic – Making a call in the Arctic is a matter of survival, this is how the ARCG signallers make it work. Pg 9

A day with the Canadian Rangers – They live on the land, and they know how to find food even under the ice; the Canadian Rangers show the ARCG how to survive in the winter wilderness. Pg 10

From rockstar to private: – He chopped off waist-length hair to don a buzz cut and CADPAT; Pte Brandon Nadeau talks about his shift from travelling rockstar to dedicated solider.  Pg 12

Click image to view PDF newsletter.


The Brigade: November

In this issue: Remembrance Day ceremonies, Portraits of Honour,Santa Claus Parade, Exercise TAKE POST, Army Run, Cambrian Patrol, ARCG soldiers getting dunked in the ice for Exercise ARCTIC RAM.

My articles:

Proud Fallen – City of Winkler rededicated cenotaph now located directly across from memorial to the Conscientious Objectors. Pg 5

For Valour – Remembrance Day ceremony at Valour Road. Pg 8

Santa Claus Parade – The boys in green draw a crowd while walking with Santa. Pg 20

Breaking the ice – ARCG soldiers start work up training for Exercise ARCTIC RAM and it’s a cold call. Pg 26

 Click image to view PDF newsletter.

The Brigade: September

In this issue: news from Exercise WESTERN DEFENDER 11, what soldiers got up at The Red River Ex and Selkirk Children’s Festival, OP Lustre, Exercise DRAGOON FOOTPRINT.

Click image to view PDF newsletter.

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