Related Work

While the main focus of my project is creating The Brigade and being embedded for Exercise Arctic Ram, I’ve also done additional work to support my IPP.

Arctic Beginnings: going under the ice
A blog post I did about my experience doing the ice submerge with the Winnipeg members of the ARCG.

Army News: ‘Chilly dip preps arctic response team for northern exercise’
As part of the preparation training, I volunteered to take the dip myself. Working with Cpl Bill Gomm, I put together a story for Army News.

Arctic Beginnings: false ice and false perceptions

A blog post I did about the hard lessons I learned while in Gimli Manitoba, for Exercise ARCTIC APPRENTICE.

Shaw TV: ‘Hecla training’
On Friday January 13, 2012, I went with the Arctic Response Company Group to Gimli, Manitoba for Exercise ARCTIC APPRENTICE; a weekend training exercise to prepare for the Yukon. At the time I was working as an intern for Shaw TV Winnipeg. Below is the story I did about our Canadian Forces soldiers going up north.

Exercise Western Defender 11
Hired as a student journalist embed for the Canadian Forces Reserves military exercise Western Defender 11 held in Shilo, Manitoba from April 29 – May 9, 2011. Responsible for reporting original stories about the exercise and anything related to the military.

Man up, and wipe it
May 7, 2011

Young recruit a brave rebel
May 7, 2011

Soldiers get squeaky clean
May 4, 2011

First impressions
April 29, 2011

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