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Day 8 – With eyes watching

March 27, 2012


Last night is the first time I have trouble sleeping. At 0300 Master Corporal Mistelbacher wakes everyone up and as it is with an early reveille, things move quickly. The morale is high; it’s the last big day of the ex, but we still have one huge task to push through. We gear up to […]

Day 7 – Under fire

March 19, 2012


Waking up in a Forward Operating Base is distinctly different than waking up in the field. There’s always a hum and a buzz, people moving – a world outside your tent. Today is rehearsal for the troops – the officers take time to clarify and detail attack and movement plans, the soldiers learn their roles […]

Day 4 – Relief, in place

March 12, 2012


It’s weird waking up and not striking down a tent. Master Corporal Lee Mistelbacher, our section leader, left early this morning for the 15 minute ride north to Gameti; to see where and how the relief in place (RIP) would work. “We replace [the PPCLI soldiers] one section at a time,” explained MCpl Alex Swaan. […]

Day 2 – Two platoon, two section

March 10, 2012


Sometimes four hours of sleep feels like winning the lottery. I wake up and eat my first rations meal of this trip. Individual Meal Packs (IMPs) are the staple in the field, and while I’ve had them before – this time my beans and sausage breakfast is hot and far tastier. The tent has two […]